Sometimes you are still in my head
Trying to hold the tears my eyes want to shed
These little bubbles of memories just reappear
But you are never going to be near
I hope you know I’ll always cherish you
And how you lead a life of virtue
It’s hard for me to turn you into…

INFJ spotted

I am not flirting with eye contact. I just love to observe people.

If you don’t know your personality type among the 16 types, you can take the Myers Briggs personality test (even for fun and self-discovery) on the link below:

I have tried feigning being an extrovert just…

I hate all those rom-com movies that taught us that unreciprocated love can become reciprocated with time and lots of selfless love. In reality, it doesn’t! In fact, it can’t even be selfless love because there is a motivation behind all those acts of selfless love: to make the other…

You are not going to be you again.

It’s not necessarily a heartbreak. We can be hurt when someone close gets distant or even dies and now that they are no longer a part of our lives. Most of us try to be the person we were before knowing and…

Reminds me of what Michael said in The Good Place:

Here’s the thing about suicides: it’s never done impulsively.

Stop stigmatising suicide with breakups. She never did that for a guy. He never ended his life for a girl. I’ve known friends and colleagues who have committed suicide and none…

There’s really a lot going there.

A single negative thought mushrooms into many as I overthink. …

Time to take off your rosy heart glasses.

A small couplet:
Romantic movies used to enchant us like magic
But during this lockdown everything just seemed tragic.

Netflix has added lots of Indian classic romantic movies during this lockdown. Seriously? Romance in 2020? This year started off really shitty and…

Why are you like this? You are my hand!

No, I’m not the handkerchief girl. I’m the hyperhidrosis girl.

I didn’t just wash my hands. It’s my palmar hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is the abnormally excessive sweating which may not necessarily be related to rises in temperature or physical activities. Sweating is our body’s mechanism (homeostasis) to cool itself but our…

Never had we imagined this is how 2020 would actually be. Not only for people, but many companies also had big goals for this year. They made strategies and have been working since the past years to realize their vision 2020 and now vision 2020 will be vision 2021, 2022…

Six weeks ago, a lockdown was officially announced in my country. I was interning at a firm where I was very determined to build my career. But everything has stalled with me getting back to zero and now I HAVE NOTHING TO DO! I am not even working from home.

Sneha D. Bickramsing

Aspiring writer/auditor. Rhyme enthusiast and conversationalist on productivity, self-love, motivation and overthinking.

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